8 Weeks to Go!

Training Tips Series
Developed by Greg Klein of South Sound Running
Sponsored by New Balance

To ensure a safe increase in workload for the next eight weeks, follow the starting levels as listed below. We want you to reach your goal with minimum risk of injury.


12K Run

12K Walk

5K Run

Midweek workouts
2 times per week
3-mile run 3-mile walk 4-mile walk
Weekend endurance workout
once per weekend
4-mile run 4-mile walk 4-mile walk

This Week's Training Notes:

It is time to evaluate your current shoe. Your shoes are the most important piece of equipment. They have a huge impact on reducing stress to your legs and feet. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

Are you in a running shoe?
For all road running and walking you need to be be in a running shoe. Trail, cross training, and most walking shoes will not be sufficient.

Does your shoe fit properly?
Is the toe box too tight, is the shoe too short or too big, and is there heel slippage? Poor fit equals poor performance.

Does your shoe work?
If you are experiencing any leg or foot discomfort you may be in the wrong shoe.

Is your shoe worn out?
A running shoe will last between 300 to 400 miles of running and walking. One hour of standing is equal to one mile running. If your shoe has exceeded this mileage, then it is time for a new shoe.