7 Weeks to Go!

Training Tips Series
Developed by Greg Klein of South Sound Running
Sponsored by New Balance


12K Run

12K Walk

5K Run

Midweek workouts
2 times per week
3-mile run
3-mile walk
1-mile run
Weekend endurance workout
once per week
4-mile run 4-mile walk 2-mile run

For alternate midweek recovery workouts please refer to the 9 weeks to go training tips page.

This Week's Training Notes:

Apparel is almost as important as your shoes. As we move into warmer weather, to make sure you stay cool and dry it is important that you wear the correct fabric. Clothing made from polyester is hydrophobic and therefore will absorb little moisture. On the other hand, cotton yarns quickly saturate and become abrasive. If you are experiencing any chaffing, check your clothing labels and make sure you are in polyester.

You do not need a lot of running clothing, but a few key pieces can go a long way to keep you comfortable.