4 Weeks to Go!

Nutrition Tips Series
Developed by Lisa Lovejoy, Sports & Wellness Dietitian

You’ve got about one month until race day – now is a good time to evaluate how your training and nutrition program is going!  Have you been consuming a healthy diet, which includes a wide variety of fresh, whole foods?  Have you begun thinking about your race day foods and/or sports nutritionals?  What about your hydration plan? 

There is still time to make adjustments (or to begin preparing, if you need to get started!), but don’t put nutrition off until the last minute.  There is nothing you can do or consume on race day that will compensate for poor preparation.  Remember, training begins at the table! 

A solid training diet incorporates foods from all of the foods groups, is rich in quality carbohydrates, and provides adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals.  It should include regular meals, appropriate snacks, and pre/post-workout snacks as needed for fueling and recovery.

For more information, review the weekly Sound to Narrows Nutrition Tips.  If you’d like more individual guidance, remember that registered participants receive a 20% discount on all MultiCare Nutrition Services!