3 Weeks to Go!

Nutrition Tips Series
Developed by Lisa Lovejoy, Sports & Wellness Dietitian

There are a few nutritional issues of specific concern to athletes, especially runners.  These include gastrointestinal (GI) issues and muscle cramping.  We will address GI issues this week and cramping next week (Two weeks to go).

In general, it isn’t polite to discuss our GI issues, but almost every runner has their “story”.  Whether it is due to the jostling nature of running itself, excess sugar/fat/fiber consumption prior to the event, or race day jitters, bathroom issues are extremely common.

To help minimize your risk on race day, avoid new, spicy, gassy (think beans, broccoli, cabbage) or greasy/fatty foods the day prior to race day.  Stick to familiar, easy to digest food items and do not try ANY new foods or beverages – to include sports drinks, GUs, bars, gels, or other sports nutritionals, including additional caffeine – on race day – sometimes boring is best!